Introduction to Sock of the Day

When it comes to socks, there are a plethora of different kinds. Certain socks are designed for certain situations and sometimes these socks can go unnoticed by many. To help combat socks getting lost in it all, we’ll pick out a sock a day during the week to highlight and discuss.

To start it off we’ll go with a growing favorite of mine: Wrightsock SLX Low Quarter Socks.

I’m currently in the process of getting back into the running spirit (I’ve taken two years off since college). With going on easy runs of just a few miles, the Wrightsock SLX is what I’ve been wearing.

It’s a single-layer sock with an excellent fit that is also very comfortable. Wrightsock’s WrightOnes system will reduce irritation between your toes and shoes, while the Y Heel promotes an anatomically correct fit for added comfort.

This sock also has a stabilizer zone to keep the sock in place. Nothing is more annoying than a sock scrunching all over the place while out on a run. The great part of this sock is it’s only $8.85, plus you get free shipping. It’s a great deal for the runners with a budget.

What’s your go-to running sock?

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