The Addicts Invade the Martian Marathon

Not too long ago, a couple of us socks addicts invaded the Martian Marathon in Dearborn, Michigan. The day before the big races,  there was a great expo held for the runners. We, of course, took part in the expo.

Armed with some of our best running socks, we interacted with the runners and gave many lessons on compression and Injinji performance toesocks.

It seems these are the two big socks most runners are slowly indulging in. The most common thing I heard that day regarding the toe socks was: “I just can’t imagine myself running in those.” It’s a funny thing to hear, especially since the toesocks are one of our highest-selling socks. I suppose most runners are skeptical at first, but are quick to warm up to them once they try them on. They’re really great for preventing those pesky blisters between the toes and are super comfortable.

Compression socks are also something I noticed runners are really eager to try. They may run a little higher in price compared to your typical running sock, but they really are worth the price. They’re great for the long runs and to even wear post-run while you recover. With the socks helping circulate your blood in your legs, you’ll feel much better.

The Martian Marathon Expo was a great time, and we met plenty of great people as we raffled of a bunch of socks and even an iPod Nano. We look forward to attending many more events like this one. Below are a couple pictures. You can see the rest at our Facebook page.

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