Compression Socks & Marathons: The Perfect Match

As many already know, today is the running of the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is a very popular one for runners, and it’s also one you have to qualify to run in. You’ll see many elite marathoners run in this race, so the Boston Marathon is always fast and exciting. The current records at the Boston Marathon are 2:05.42 for the men, and 2:20.43 for the women.

With plenty of minds on the marathon today, this is a good opportunity to discuss compression socks.

Compression socks are a way to boost your performance — legally, of course. The great benefits of compression socks really start to show in the longer races, like the marathon.

What compression socks will do is help the blood in your legs circulate better. The sock will help expand the diameter of your arteries — increasing functionality.

Arterial blood circulation increases by 30% during periods of rest, and 40% during physical strain.

It is possible for compression socks to help you reduce your running times by 5%. Look at it this way, if you run a four-hour marathon, you can knock 12 minutes off your time with the assistance of compression socks.

Exertion is also reduced for the same running time, so you’ll find it easier to hit all your old running times.

What once was created to help diabetic patients is also being transformed into something for athletes to embrace. With a quicker way to remove latic acid, and stabilize your lower leg for better muscle efficiency, how could you not try compression socks?

Also gaining in popularity are compression leg sleeves. Lots of runners are embracing these because they allow you to wear your normal socks along with them, or no socks at all, as some runners do during races. It should be noted though, to get the full benefits of the compression it’s better to go with the socks because the socks enclose the compression.

Whether it’s during a race or recovery, compression socks are a great aid. Consider them your secret weapon.

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