Wool Vs. Cotton: Battle for the Sock Drawer

For some time now a battle raged in the land of my sock drawer. Cotton socks have been under rule in this kingdom for a long time now. In fact, these cotton socks believed wool socks to be a myth, an urban legend — simply not real.

Like Bob Dylan once sang, “the times are a-changing,” and this is something the cotton socks were not ready to embrace. When a pair of wool socks first made its presence known in the sock drawer kingdom, the battle began.

It’s no wonder the wool sock population slowly grew and grew in the kingdom. Wool socks manage to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They’re able to keep your feet dry and regulate the temperature. This is compared to cotton socks, where if it’s hot out your feet will sweat; if it’s cold out, you won’t be provided with much warmth.

Since wool socks do manage to regulate the temperature, it cuts down on sock odor. You see, they’ll help cut down on microorganisms, which are the cause of odor. This is something cotton socks do not help with at all.

As the battle continued, cotton socks were dropping left and right. The power of wool socks continued to expand its presence in the sock drawer. Another advantage wool socks had was the fact it’s a thicker sock. Since it is thicker, wool socks provide more protection to your feet.

The final blow for cotton socks may have come when the wool socks began utilizing a tool cotton socks didn’t even think existed — the power of wicking. Cotton socks just draw in moisture and keep it there. Wool socks, on the other hand, don’t absorb much moisture, and the moisture it does absorb, it wicks away. Less moisture means the risk of blisters diminishing.

It appeared as if wool socks were prepared for a full-fledged conquering of the sock drawer kingdom. With better protection and the weapon of wicking, the sock drawer became heavily guarded with wool, while the cotton socks were banished to the back corners of the drawer — where no one ever dares to reach. Cotton socks became an endangered species in this land. However, some advantages for the cotton socks remained.

Cotton socks in terms of pricing remain a viable option. Typically you can get a pack of cotton socks for the cost of one pair of good wool socks. Cotton socks are also lighter than the average wool sock. It can make sense for runners going out for just a quick short run to go with cotton socks.

Where do you side on the battle for the sock drawer?

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