Who Wants Free Socks?

Part of SocksAddict.com‘s emergence in the social media realms on the good ol’ internet is to actively engage and interact with the fellow bloggers out there. The blogging surge is nothing to ignore and is a fantastic medium for learning and reading the news.

Well, we just recently partnered with Jenn who runs the blog Miles, Muscles & Mommyhood. It’s a fantastic blog and she’s great about updating it and covers a wide range of fitness-related topics

On her blog you can enter a contest for a chance to win a free pair of CW-X Compression Socks. To be eligible you must be a Google Follower.

How do you enter once you follow her blog? It’s quite simple, and there are a few different ways to do so!

1) Sign up for the SocksAddict.com Newsletter

2) Place an order from us for five extra entries

3) Like the SocksAddict.com Facebook page & say “Jen from Miles, Muscle, & Mommyhood sent you.”

4) Follow the SocksAddict.com Twitter page and tweet “@SocksAddict CW-X #giveaway with @milesmusclesmom get your SOCKS ON! http://bit.ly/lkBEvz

5) Share a sock horror story

So if you’re in the market for a new pair of compression socks, or have always wanted to try out compression socks but haven’t done so due to price, pop on over to Miles, Muscles, & Mommyhood for more contest details and to see what she has to say about the socks and our website!

Also, if you run a blog and are interested in collaborating with SocksAddict.com, email Kevin at kevin@alevastores.com.

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