Chris Solinsky & His Compression Socks

The Stanford Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational was recently held and if you’re unfamiliar with this meet, it gathers some of the fastest people around and insanely fast times are ran.

Chris Solinsky, who formerly ran for Wisconsin and now runs for Nike, ran an American 10K record (26:69.60) last year at this meet. In the race, he also wore white compression socks — something not seen often by professional runners in the 10K distance.

This year, Solinsky was back at the meet, not this time to race, but to pace it. Also returning to the meet were his compression socks — only this time they were black.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Solinksy run during college and the guy is a monster of a runner. If there’s a runner out there you should take some tips from or try to emulate, he’d be a good start.

While many of the pro runners embrace compression socks for recovery, few of them are seen wearing them during races. The debate surrounding compression typically involves if they help during actual physical activity.

Solinsky is on record of saying he started wearing them in practice and eventually decided to start wearing them in races and liked them ever since.

I think what we can gather from all this is compression socks are something you need to at least try during a race to get a good idea of how you really feel about them. Reading studies and research if they work or not is going to get you nowhere. Get a pair, try them out. If you don’t like them during the race, then you have a nice pair of socks to wear after runs to help you recover.

Plenty of compression socks are available at, and we’ll keep you posted as we ready the launch of

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