Darn Tough Is Darn Good; Added to SocksAddict.com

The inventory expansion continues for Aleva Stores as they bring in products from Darn Tough.

Darn Tough is based out of Vermont and was started over thirty years ago with one idea in mind: The creation of socks that are tough enough to survive frigid winters and humid summers in one of the most unforgiving climates in the lower 48.

Whether you’re hiking, skiing, climbing, running or biking, Darn Tough socks will keep your feet oblivious to the elements.

All of Darn Tough’s socks are crafted with the same high quality raw material and high density knitting techniques. They contain custom counts of Merino wool and an exclusive blend of Coolmax which makes their socks incredibly strong and comfortable.

The addition of Darn Tough is sure to make SockAddict.com’s sock selection darn good.

SocksAddict.com is constantly thriving to become the most versatile sock website around, and the addition of Darn Tough certainly helps with that.

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