Cleveland Marathon Expo Recap

This year’s Cleveland Marathon Expo was held at the Great Lakes Expo Center and the Socks Addict Crew was in the building.

Fellow employee Ben and I made our way down to Cleveland on Thursday, May 12th. With so many socks and an elaborate booth set up, we wanted to take full advantage of the set-up day and try not to rush the set up the morning of the expo the next day. We arrived to the Expo Center a little before 4 p.m. and by 7:15 it was all ready to go. The brands we brought with us included: Feetures, WrightSock, Wigwam, Drymax, Zensah, SmartWool, CEP, Injinji and Fox River.

We then departed to the hotel and made sure to get our rest for the big day ahead.

By 11 a.m. on Friday there was already a large line of marathoners waiting to get in. Day one started a trend we’d see carry over into day two: runners coming to our booth asking for sock relief for the expected rain on race day. The two socks people ended up going with to help with this dilemma were WrightSock and Drymax. People who enjoyed thinner socks went with WrightSock and people who wanted the extra cushion chose Drymax.

Day one also saw a lot of interesting conversations about socks. Quite a few people came to our booth and told me they have never even heard of any of the socks. One person asked me to tell her about each brand we had with us. Of course I happily obliged and she ended up picking a few different brands to try out.

One thing Ben and I made sure to talk about with everyone who visited our booth was to be weary of trying a different kind of sock out on race day. You wouldn’t wear a new kind of racing shoes on race day and the same should be applied to socks. Whenever trying out new socks – which you shouldn’t be afraid of doing – it’s best to slowly incorporate it into your training.

On Saturday the expo was a tad bit busier and you could sense the growing excitement among the runners. Former American marathon record holder Bill Rodgers gave a speech and I managed to catch a few minutes of it. Our booth was so busy, we really couldn’t leave for an extended amount of time.

I had a great time talking socks and running with all the runners who stopped by the booth and I hope the rain on Sunday didn’t slow them down too much. The Cleveland Marathon will for sure be on our event calender for next year.

For more pictures of the expo, visit our Facebook.

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4 Responses to Cleveland Marathon Expo Recap

  1. mojamala2 says:

    Glad to hear you will be back next year! It was so busy when I was there I somehow missed you guys 😦

  2. alevastores says:

    It was so packed on Saturday! Ben and I joked how we basically blacked out until 6 p.m. We were in full sock mode.

    Make sure you find us next time!

  3. asierput says:

    Love the socks I picked up… especially the pink ones (match my new pink running shoes). The Wigwam and Feetures are both comfy and soft!

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