Running In The Rain

Here in Michigan it’s been raining everyday it seems. Sunshine and warm weather are starting to appear as a myth for us Michiganders. I know it’s not only Michigan getting soaked, but most of the United States as well. For example, in baseball they’ve already had more rainouts this year than any other season — and it’s only May!

Billie Armstrong of Green Day may have said “never run in the rain with your socks on,” but I’m guessing he only wore cotton socks. Wearing no socks in the rain while you run leaves your foot a little too exposed to get wet. With wet feet, you’ll be more prone to get blisters. Now, of course there are plenty of socks you could wear that would get soaking wet too — also allowing your feet to get blisters. However, there are socks you can wear that will help fight off the blisters for you!

Personally, I was always a fan of running in the rain — in the summer. If there was a light rain then I’d be eager to get out on the roads for a nice 10 miler. There are plenty of people who share the same sentiment I do, and there are plenty of people who feel the opposite.

If you enjoy running in the rain, or doing so is inevitable, there are a couple precautions you should consider. First, if you run with a mp3 player you should probably find a way to keep it dry — I’ve lost count of how many iPod Shuffles I had to buy to replace one ruined due to rain.

The most important, however, is the kind of socks you slide onto your feet for the wet runs. Having the right pair of socks on can make all the difference on your run.

There are two fantastic options you can go with: Drymax and WrightSock. While both will help your feet stay dry and help prevent blisters, they do have their differences.

For those who like their socks to provide them some extra cushioning, then Drymax is the way to go. There’s plenty of cushioning on the bottom, so it’ll help your foot take the hard impact of the sidewalk or road better.

Runners who prefer lightweight and thin socks should go with WrightSock. Not only is it thin and lightweight but it has a dual layer. The dual layer keeps the friction (which helps cause blisters) in between the layers of the sock instead of the sock and your foot.

Next time it’s raining, don’t use it as an excuse to avoid your run — pick yourself up some Drymax, WrightSock or any other sock good for the rain and get out there!

You can browse plenty of WrightSock and Drymax socks at or, along with plenty of other brands.

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