Why Brand Loyalty Can Harm Your Running

I’ve noticed a trend where many runners are brand loyal. When it comes to their running gear, it’s all Nike, or all Adidas; or maybe for shoes it’s always Nike and socks are always Thorlo.

Some people may be forced to be brand loyal because they’re professionals and are sponsored by a certain company. You’ll probably always see the Hansons runners sporting something Brooks, and all the Nike runners will obviously be decked out in all things Nike – But that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Running is just like any other sport – You watch to see what the pros use and do and you try to emulate it. I went from imitating Major League Baseball players’ swings in my backyard as a little kid to checking out what kind of shoes Alan Webb was wearing in high school.

As I became an older and wiser runner, I started exploring beyond Nike and what else would work better for me. You should consider buying shoes that will help with the way you land on your feet while running, and not by what’s the coolest looking Nike shoe out on the market.

I’ve discovered the piece of running attire with the most leeway in trying out new things is definitely socks. With so many brands out there it’s almost silly to stick with one brand all the time. Consider this: You may think you found your favorite brand/kind of sock, but with so many choices out there how do you know you’ve yet to find your true favorite?

Once you find a sock you enjoy, you should make it your go-to choice; however, don’t shy away from other brands because of it. I also recommend exploring outside of Nike, Adidas and the rest of the major brands. Sure, they’re really familiar names since there’s a good chance you’re also wearing their shoes but there are brands out there that all they do is make socks; chances are you’ll find better quality with those kind of brands.

I’m not advocating that brand loyalty is a bad thing, I’m just saying it limits you. There are plenty of brands out there that can help you in different ways. Think of socks like food: There’s so many things out there to try, why wouldn’t you? If I always stuck to the Nike socks, I would have never discovered my current favorite running sock, Feetures.

Just keep in mind to not try out the new stuff in actual races or intense parts of your training. It’s better to try new brands slowly so you get accustomed to them.

To browse all sorts of different brands, visit SocksAddict.com.

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