Finally Featuring Fantastic Feetures! – They’re As Awesome As Alliterations

While working for, I’ve gotten to know and try on a ton of different brands. While I have a reason to enjoy each and every one, there’s one I just can’t get enough of — Feetures.

Feetures is a brand I think a lot of people are familiar with but still flies somewhat under the radar. At the latest expo I attended there were two major trends I noticed: People flocking to our Feetures rack or people whom never heard of them but once they felt the sock, they fell in love (okay, that might be a bit of a hyperbole, but people really dug the sock once they felt it).

When all you have to do is touch a sock and decide you immediately must have it, then you know you’ve got a good thing going for you. While the softness of Feetures is a huge selling point, the benefits of Feetures goes well beyond just the look and feel.

Upon trying on your Feetures sock of choice, you’ll quickly notice how well the sock hugs your foot. Nothing is more annoying than being out and about, or on a run or hike and have a sock that keeps shifting all over the place. Power bands of Lycra are strategically placed throughout the sock, so it’ll contour to the individual shape of each person’s foot. The movement between foot and sock is eliminated, which can also help eliminate blistering.

Feetures also contain a unique “Perfect Toe” technology. With Perfect Toe, you’ll find unparalleled comfort. It’s Feetures’ trademarked seam-free toe closure. For these socks, the toe closure is hand-linked so both the outside and inside of the sock are completely smooth. This, of course, offers less irritation and more comfort. Win, win!

Feetures also come fully armed with wicking fibers such as iWick and Durasoft to make sure your feet stay dry while you’re on the go. With Feetures, you’ll get the moisture-free environment you need to keep you going. The evaporation process gets accelerated and helps keep your feet odor-free and dry.

Feetures manufactures mostly performance socks but they also make casual socks with the same comfort and cushioning you’ll find in the performance socks. Heck, I love Feetures so much I’ll even wear the performance socks while in casual settings (not a hyperbole).

New for 2011 are the Feetures Elite. This new series joins Feetures Light, Feetures Pure Comfort, Feetures Diabetic, and of course, Feetures Originals, as the offered series from Feetures.

With Feetures Elite your foot and sock will become one. In fact, when reviewed by Runner’s World, it mentioned some testers even forgot they were on.

So next time you’re looking for a new pair of socks, check out Feetures; or if you’re familiar with Feetures, try their new Elite series!

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2 Responses to Finally Featuring Fantastic Feetures! – They’re As Awesome As Alliterations

  1. Joe says:

    Feetures! socks are indeed soft and snug and the new Elite sock has caught the attention of many runners. That is a very thorough examination of Feetures!. Thanks!!!

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