Socks For Father’s Day? We Say Yes

When you start to really get to know the premiere kind of socks out there, you start to realize that socks really do make great gifts.

Since Father’s Day is this weekend, let’s take a look at some good socks for fathers everywhere – depending on the activity.

The Running Dad

We all know the Running Dad – He’s the Dad who likes to embarrass his children by putting on a pair of short shorts and go running around the neighborhood for all to see. So along with a longer pair of running shorts, make sure you grab your Dad a pair of Feetures No Show with Tab socks. The comfortable fit and system of mesh air vents will keep your Dad out on his run longer.

The Hiking Dad

For the Hiking Dad, adventure never ceases. Instead of family trips to the Caribbean, you get taken out to the Grand Canyon for a 3-day hiking trip. Thanks Dad! Since you’re not on a nice, warm beach, socks are even more important. So when you hear your dad is planning your next trek, whip out some Bridgedale Men’s Endurance Trekker Crew Socks for him and you. These socks were even named the best 3-season backpacking sock by Backpacker Magazine! Your Dad’s feet will stay dry, comfortable and warm for the entire journey!

The Golf Dad

Ahhh, the Golf Dad – When the first gorgeous day of spring makes its arrival, Golf Dad always seems to get conveniently sick and has to go see “the doctor.” Rightttt Dad. If your Dad is Golf Dad then pick him up some Wrightsock CoolMesh II No Show Tab Socks. These socks will perfectly wick moisture away from his feet while he walks 18 holes. It’s also very lightweight, so his feet will stay cool.

The Skiing Dad

Skiing Dad is a unique Dad. While most complain of the winter, his eyes light up when he sees the first snowfall. For him, it’s time to get the skiis out of storage and hit the slopes. There is no such thing as a winter vacation for him – unless it’s to a different resort somewhere else. While you read your friend’s Facebook statuses about how much fun they’re having in Florida, you’re drinking hot chocolate in a ski lodge. So for the next ski outting, make sure you pick you and your Dad up some SmartWool PhD Ski Light Knee High Socks. The light-cushioned shin and foot will keep you comfortable and the Merino wool maintains good moisture and odor control.

No matter the kind of Dad you have, has you covered. We carry socks for all sorts of activities, ranging from what you see here to basketball, hockey, dress, and more!

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