Beyond The Sock: Insoles

At, we obviously care a lot about our feet and legs. They are the pillars to our body – so it’s important to keep them healthy, which means giving them the support they need. That’s why we not only sell socks, but insoles as well.

When socks aren’t enough to give you that extra support, then it’s time to turn to insoles. I know when I ran in college,  my form was so poor I would basically stomp on the ground when running. Avoiding concrete running and wearing thicker socks to soften the blow wasn’t enough. The outcome of this poor running form were weakened hips from them absorbing the shock. This is something a premium insole could have helped me with.

Of course this dilemma could be applied to other things besides running like walking or hiking. For example, I recently bought a new pair of insoles to wear while working expos since it involves a lot of standing. Since my hips are already weakened from the college running days, the extra support is vital to make it through the duration of an expo. Support is important, so if you’re facing a similar situation you may want to take a look at insole options.

Insoles further provide contoured support to your foot. You’ll also find increased shock absorption and heel strike protection by going the insole route. One feature that most people don’t know about includes the fact insoles can prevent blisters since they help with reducing friction. Extra support and blister preventation? Can’t beat that.

Here’s a diagram to breakdown the features in a Spenco Total Support Premium Insole.

With insoles, you’re taking the next step beyond socks to make sure you get all the support and comfort you need to keep you going. At, we carry insoles from Spenco and Superfeet.

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