Yes, You Can Run In SmartWool Socks

SmartWool socks were originally created for keeping feet warm while skiing out on the slopes. Despite the skiing roots, SmartWool evolved into a brand suiting all kinds of activities — including running.

A common question asked at running expos is something along the lines of: “Can you run in SmartWool socks?” Not only can you, but SmartWool even has a line devoted to running. With the association of cold-weather activities, the fact that wool socks can be great for running — even in the summer — becomes an oversight for some people. Another fear of running in wool socks I’ve discovered is people worrying about it itching. With SmartWool socks you won’t have to worry about that either.

First, let’s tackle this notion of SmartWool socks being too warm to run in. One of the benefits of the Merino wool SmartWool uses in their socks is not only does it keep your feet warm in the winter, but it will also cool your feet in your summer. The wool fibers insulate your feet to keep them at body temperature. This, of course, makes SmartWool a year-round sock!

Even with the socks being able to cool you in the summer, you should still consider the weight of the sock you’re wearing and what kind of runner you are. Some runners, even in the summer, wear a thicker sock to help provide more cushioning. However, if you aren’t in need of extra cushioning and thickness, you should look for SmartWool’s PhD Running Light line.

The benefits of running in SmartWool socks don’t just stop at keeping your feet cool. SmartWool socks have Wool-On-Wool Technology that adds another layer of wool in high-density areas to reduce shock and abrasion — making your run more comfortable. There is also their 4-Degree Fit Design. It’ll help to keep the sock in place while supporting your ankle, arch and upper and lower instep zones. A lot of the SmartWool running socks also have strategic mesh zones for optimal ventilation.

Pesky foot odor can be annoying after running, but SmartWool socks will wick away moisture and sweat accumulating on your foot. This will help prevent and control foot odor, along with moisture and temperature.

Throwing down the extra bucks for some SmartWool running socks might seem unpleasant, but remember, socks are the most underrated part of a runner’s attire and the SmartWool socks last longer than your average sock.

You’ll find SmartWool socks come in many different styles, cuts and colors — so there’s something for everyone.




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