Fighting Off Blisters with the Help of Drymax

The most annoying thing you could come away with after a run is a pesky blister. Not only are they a bother to walk or run on, they’re very gross to look at.

Blisters form during your run due to friction — So the kind of sock you have on is very important. Having the right kind of socks on will properly prevent blisters and allow you to carry on with your training.

When it comes to keeping your feet dry — another way of preventing pesky blisters — Drymax is typically your best option.

For example, The Western States 100 Mile Run was held just this past weekend. For those unaware, The Western States is a 100 mile race that begins in Squaw Valley, California and ends in Auburn. The participants endure a rough journey through the Sierra Nevada mountains, encountering all sorts of terrain (including knee-high creeks). Obviously, to get through a race like this, you need the best socks possible. In the top 10 finishers for men, two wore Drymax socks, while there were five on the women’s side. When looking at Drymax’s Facebook page, you’ll see someone wrote they wore Drymax socks during the race and despite completing 40 miles of the run in soaking wet shoes, they still escaped without a single blister.

So what makes Drymax such a powerful weapon against blisters? Let’s gaze further into the world of Drymax and see what makes it so special.

Drymax running socks contain a dual layer moisture removal system. When you sweat, water is repelled by the inner hydrophobic layer to the outer hydrophilic Drymax layer, keeping your feet dry and comfortable — and thus, helping to ward off blisters. Keep in mind, the socks don’t prevent you from sweating — when you do sweat, it’ll just keep your foot dry still.

Along with the superb drying skills, Drymax running socks also have Low Density padding in the heel and toe to add extra cushioning without adding unnecessary volume in your shoes. This padding comes in handy on those longer runs, like the Western States 100. The padding will help keep you more comfortable on your run.

With Drymax socks, you’ll also find seamless insides, instep hugging arch band and MicroZap Drymax antimicrobial fibers for long-term odor control.

Drymax running socks are a complete sock that are not only the best at keeping your feet dry, but will keep you comfortable throughout the duration of your run.

When you’re ready to purchase your next running sock, make a serious consideration for Drymax. You won’t be dissatisfied.

We carry plenty of Drymax socks at and

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