Red, White & Blue Sale!

July 4th is always that time of year you gather with family, friends and loved ones to barbecue, watch fireworks, go boating and all sorts of other fun stuff. Another great aspect of July 4th is that there are always some great road races to participate in.

A common apparel attribute you’ll find at most of these road races are people sporting the red, white and blue colors somehow. Whether it’s shorts, shirts or bandanas, you’ll see a flood of those three colors.

With compression wear taking the running community by storm, you may want to sport your compression gear and the red, white and blue at the same time!

So, to celebrate the 4th of July, we’ll sell Zensah red, white and blue compression calf sleeves for 10% off! Not only will you get the discount, but our free shipping will still be in effect! Just use the coupon code 1776Sleeves at checkout. You can use it on the two or single pack of sleeves.

The sale will end on July 4th, so take advantage while you can, only at


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