Don’t Get Served Wearing The Wrong Tennis Socks

Tennis is a strenuous sport. It’s a mix of endurance, strength, hand-eye coordination and grunting unseen in most other sports.  When it comes to equipment, some people may believe all you need is a racquet, shorts and a t-shirt. Well, as usual, a very important piece of anyone’s apparel is forgotten — socks!

Yes, socks do matter in the great sport of tennis. Much like every other sport, keeping your feet healthy and comfortable is essential. If your feet wear out, your game will wear out.

As you run back and forth with all that stop and go, your feet will need protection and comfort. I remember when I used to dabble in tennis, I’d almost instantly work up a sweat. Moisture removal is as important as ever. You’ll need a sock that will move sweat out and away from your foot. Whether it’s moisture-wicking fibers or a dual layer removal system like Drymax’s, your feet will be happily dry throughout the entirety of your match.

Padding is also of great importance for your tennis sock of choice. It’ll be best to have a heavier padding in the ball and heel of your foot. With more padding, your foot will be more cushioned to protect against heel strikes on a hard surface. The last thing you want is a worn out heel near the end of your match. With a protected heel, you get a stronger heel.

The other important spot for that extra cushion is your toes. You’ll need protection from abrasion caused by those sudden starts, stops and lateral movements that are heavily part of tennis. Obviously your toes are important in many facets of life, tennis definitely being one of those.

One of the more annoying things that can develop through the course of your tennis match is a sock sliding all over the place, not staying put or rolling down your ankle. Your sock needs to stay in place. You’ll find many of the better brands will have a quality arch band to hold socks in place. The best socks will have such a good hugging fit, the sock will feel like it morphed into part of your foot.

A couple other things to consider for your tennis socks are a breathable mesh vent on top and a seamless sock. Having some kind of ventilation on the top of your sock will allow to keep your foot somewhat cool throughout the duration of the match. Sporting seamless socks will be more comfortable for your feet.

With the right tennis sock, the only time the word love would be associated with you during your match is when you say, “I love these socks.”

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