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Aleva Stores Recognized By Internet Retailer & INC. Magazine

The 2011 accolades continue to roll in for the Michigan-based online retailer, Aleva Stores. Aleva Stores first found their name attached to Internet Retailer’s Second 500 List. They came in on the list at 601 and ranked 7th overall in … Continue reading

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Introducing The CEP RXOrtho Line!

By now, many are probably well familiar with CEP’s superb athletic compression socks. More and more now you’re starting to see people with those tight knee-high socks showing up at road races and triathlons. CEP has emerged from the athletic … Continue reading

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Hey, Kids Love Merino Wool Too

Those well-versed in the sock realms probably already know when it comes to socks, it’s hard to beat one made out of Merino wool. Longer, softer and finer fabrics are present in Merino wool — Something other wools lack. It’s more comfortable … Continue reading

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Better Have Good Socks For Those 18 Meetings

Growing up did you ever ask your Dad how work went and he replied by saying he had a rough 18 meetings? When I was very young I took that pretty literal, but now I understand what he truly meant … Continue reading

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2XU Compression “Relaunches”

With compression attire catching a lot of attention in athletics, 2XU has decided to undergo a relaunch. Previously, 2XU operated under the slogan, “Not all fabrics are created equal.” They soon noticed a “me-too” effect conjuring up with other compression … Continue reading

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So You’re Running a Marathon…Here Are Your Marathon Sock Tips

A marathon is 26.2 grueling miles affecting your body — especially your feet. Not only is the race itself long, but the training as well. Even the most casual of marathoners will endure a tedious running schedule to prepare themselves … Continue reading

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Runners and Cyclists: Friends or Foes?

As someone with an extensive background in running, I can recall plenty of times some cyclist has yelled at me to get out of the way on one of the local trails. I can also recall instances where a group … Continue reading

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