Get Tough with Darn Tough

Your feet are important to you. They are the foundation to your body. Whether you’re running, hiking, skiing, biking or doing any other activity, your feet are your guide. Keeping your feet healthy is essential to your activity itinerary. Your feet have to be darn tough.

Made in Vermont, Darn Tough socks are manufactured in one of the most unforgiving climates in the continental United States. With frigid winters and humid summers, Vermont experiences both ends of the spectrum — making it an optimal place to manufacture and test socks.

Darn Tough produces socks to make your feet ignorant of the weather. After testing out different yarns and designs for over a year, they found a quality process to bring you the best darn sock possible.

When looking into their socks, all the reasons why the socks are so great really start to stack up. Let’s indulge, shall we?

Darn Tough socks are made with high density knitting. This means their socks have more knit stitches per inch, equating to more durability and cushioning without excessive bulk.

From running to snowboarding, you need socks that will have a performance fit — and Darn Tough has you covered. With form-fitting toe boxes to sculpted heel pockets and knit-in elastic support at the arch, their knitting techniques generate top-notch performance fitting socks for any activity.

The best wool around is probably Merino wool and that’s what you’ll find in Darn Tough socks. They have a custom count, shrink treated Merino wool to enhance the comfort and durability that outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect.

Since wool isn’t for everyone, Darn Tough uses an exclusive Coolmax blend to create socks with out-of-this-world softness, durability and moisture management.

Darn Tough’s Full Cushion socks have dense terry loops surrounding your entire foot to create maximum cushioning and warmth without the bulk. Since not everyone enjoys lots of cushioning, Darn Tough has a Cushion line with dense terry loops on just the bottom of the foot. And for those who really want a lightweight sock, Darn Tough’s Mesh socks have open-knit mesh construction, creating a very lightweight, breathable and fast sock.

All Darn Tough socks also contour to your calf, shin and ankle. With ribbed ankle support, you’ll find no slipping or bunching in your sock, which also helps to prevent blisters.

With a wide range of styles, cushioning and cuts, Darn Tough has you covered. It’ll only take one pair to get you hooked.

To browse for Darn Tough socks at the lowest prices with free shipping, visit or

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