Runners and Cyclists: Friends or Foes?

As someone with an extensive background in running, I can recall plenty of times some cyclist has yelled at me to get out of the way on one of the local trails. I can also recall instances where a group of slower-moving cyclists completely clogged up the trail, making it hard to pass them.

Hardcore runners and hardcore cyclists may go back and forth on the argument of which is better and which will do more for you. Runners often like to bring up the fact that cycling is what they do when they’re injured — I know I did. In return, cyclists will rag on runners about how boring running is.

But when taking a look at both sports you’ll find many more common traits than differences. When runners and cyclists pass each other’s paths out on the roads they should be giving a friendly wave instead of the stink eye. I mean, there is a sport that incorporates both running and cycling, so I’m pretty sure there is more than enough room in the world of exercise for the both of us.

What’s a better way of taking a look at the similarities of the two than taking a closer look at the most underrated piece of attire — That’s right, let’s talk socks.

Of course, the biggest thing you want to avoid in socks for both sports is cotton. If cotton gets wet, it stays wet. You’ll want to find a performance fabric that will help wick away moisture. Also, you’ll need socks with a hugging fit. The last thing you want when running or cycling is scrunching or your sock slipping off. You want a sock to perform with you.

When looking at various sock brands, it’s interesting to see how each brand handles running and cycling socks and how they divvy them up.

For example, Feetures just rolls with an athletic sock available in various cuts and styles instead of defining it purely for running or cycling (or any other sport). Darn Tough, a brand mostly known for hiking and hunting socks, also has a Run-Bike series. Drymax is actually one of the few brands that splits up its running and cycling socks. Drymax offers running socks in much more different cuts and styles than the cycling. Their running socks also have more cushion compared to their cycling; which makes sense, considering running is much harder on the joints. Besides a few other subtle differences, you’ll find their running and cycling socks aren’t all that different.

The brand that probably most properly shows the unity that should be found in running and cycling is Wigwam. Wigwam has a series called the IronMan. It’s not just a name — Wigwam has been the official sock of the IronMan triathlon since 1994. These socks are designed to help the ideal athletic performance in the IronMan – so they’re useful in both running and cycling.

So runners, next time a cyclist flies by you, don’t scowl. Cyclists, when approaching a runner, don’t start yelling for them to get out of the way. We shouldn’t be foes.

You can find plenty of the brands mentioned above and other running and cycling socks at Feel free to share in the comments what activity you prefer more!

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