2XU Compression “Relaunches”

With compression attire catching a lot of attention in athletics, 2XU has decided to undergo a relaunch.

Previously, 2XU operated under the slogan, “Not all fabrics are created equal.” They soon noticed a “me-too” effect conjuring up with other compression brands. All the talk of fabrics, knit structure, yarn thickness and synthetic makeup became muddled up due to inaccurate and false claims.

2XU sees their relaunch as a necessary and exciting evolution of their already successful compression wear. The relaunch will include upgraded fabric, new packaging, new categorizations and most of all the revealing of the PWX collection.

The PWX collection will have a stronger emphasis on consumer benefits, while still highlighting technical attributes.

PWX’s categorization offers an approach to enable customers to make a better, informed choice between products. The new categorization will also help improve the education on compression products. As a whole, it will help people learn more about the budding world of compression wear.

The three new categories you’ll find with the PWX collection are: PERFORM, XFORM and REFRESH. PERFORM is a focus on pure activity; XFORM is activity plus recovery; REFRESH is pure recovery.

In PERFORM, you’ll find compression garments engineered with powerful fabrics offering unparalleled breathability, moisture management and flexibility to keep you completely comfortable and focused on their active performance. It will feature muscle containment properties which will reduce muscle endurance, strength and power output for improved performance. The pressure applied to your skin in the PERFORM category can help increase your body’s awareness, improve posture, agility and stability — all of which will increase performance.

The XFORM category will feature powerful and breathable fabric with the added benefit of graduated compression along your limbs to provide faster muscle repair and recovery benefits following exercise. You’ll find extra support, comfort and more efficient delivery of oxygenated blood to fatigue muscles.

REFRESH features extremely powerful and durable compression garments focused to optimize circulation and heighten oxygen delivery. The REFRESH category is ideal for athletes with high performance demands and those seeking faster recovery. These garments will remove blood lactate from exercising muscles, which leads to reduced swelling, faster muscle repair and reduction in soreness.

2XU has done extensive research at the Australian Institute of Sport, along with fabric specialists at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology conducting various tests — all of which led to the introduction of PWX.

PWX is engineered to offer optimal power, weight and flexibility. This new 2XU relaunch is truly an exciting happening in the athletic compression realms.

You can browse 2XU compression garments at SocksAddict.com, RunningSocks.com and AthleticCompression.com.

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