Better Have Good Socks For Those 18 Meetings

Growing up did you ever ask your Dad how work went and he replied by saying he had a rough 18 meetings? When I was very young I took that pretty literal, but now I understand what he truly meant by that.

Yup, those 18 meetings had nothing to do with work, but with the great game of golf. Golf is a very relaxing, yet stressful, game. Much like other sports, it can be even more stressful if you’re not equipped with the best attire. Of course included in your golf attire are socks — and yes, they can affect your golf game.

Sure, you could probably roll out to the course wearing any old sock you have in your drawer, but getting the right kind of sock can mean a few things for you: moisture control, more comfort and better blood circulation.

Think about it, if you’re walking 18 holes, you’re covering a lot of ground. Heck, even when using a cart you’re doing a lot of standing and walking around quite a bit. That’s a lot of stress on your feet — and just like the rest of your body, your feet deserve some comfort!

Let’s first consider moisture removal. In the dog days of summer, walking a course — even in the early hours — can lead to a considerable amount of sweat. The last thing you’ll want on your round is the collection of moisture in your foot. Well, with the right sock you can prevent moisture build up in your sock — which will also prevent blisters. A sock like Drymax’s has a dual layer moisture removal system. When you sweat, its inner hydrophobic layer repels the moisture to its outer hydrophilic layer — keeping your foot dry and comfortable. Basically, the Drymax socks will dry at the same speed you sweat. You can also apply that moisture removal system to those early tee times where the dew is still heavily vital. Nothing worse than soaking wet socks from a heavy dew!

A light compression sock is also a good option to sport while you’re out on the course. Sigvaris actually makes a cotton 15-20 mmhg golf sock. They even conducted a study where 86% of golfers after wearing their sock reported their legs felt less tired than normal; 50% reported their legs appeared less swollen; 94% said they’d recommend the socks to their fellow golfers. Those are pretty good numbers. Also keep in mind, the compression in the sock will increase your blood circulation in the legs as you play.

Along with those two brands mentioned, you’ll want to find a sock that suits you best. If you like lightweight socks, you’ll be able to find mesh socks with moisture-wicking benefits mentioned above, and the same can be said for a heavily cushioned sock.

With so many styles and cuts out there, you may find your sock conquest as a trail-and-error affair — which is fine. I’d just especially try out a sock with moisture-wicking abilities that will also provide the comfort you need to go 18 holes or more. You won’t want to find yourself complaining about your feet midway through in front of your group.

You can find golf socks from the two brands mentioned above at

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