Hey, Kids Love Merino Wool Too

Those well-versed in the sock realms probably already know when it comes to socks, it’s hard to beat one made out of Merino wool.

Longer, softer and finer fabrics are present in Merino wool — Something other wools lack. It’s more comfortable and durable, making it the wool that sock fashionistas flock to.

Well, when those sock fashionistas decide to bring future fashionistas into the world, there are options available for their little one’s introduction to Merino. Yes, that’s right, some of your favorite socks are available in youth and toddler models and sizes.

Quality Merino wool socks can help your children’s feet stay odor- and blister-free, cool in the summer, warm in the winter and all-around comfortable. Slap some Merino wool socks on your toddler and the only smell you’ll have to worry about is the diaper.

If you’re an avid hiker and looking to get your children into that world of adventure, I’m sure you’ll want their feet as comfortable as yours. Imagine you’re taking them to the Grand Canyon for their first time, are you going to pick up any old sock for their first experience — or rely on what you always rely on?

Take Wigwam, for example — They make Merino Comfort Hiker Kids Crew Socks. Available in toddler and youth sizes, Wigwam provides a proper introduction to our future with this sock. It gives them the opportunity to fall in love with that Merino comfort while out on the playground and then keep the tradition alive as they graduate to the trails of the wilderness.

Wigwam isn’t the only manufacturer producing some quality youth socks. SmartWool, a beloved brand by many, also has an extensive catalog for our youth. Whether you’re looking to provide your children with a quality Merino sock in the classroom, the trails, the slopes or the soccer fields — SmartWool will have you covered.

SmartWool takes some of its best-selling socks and provides them in youth sizes. You’ll find socks like the Hiking Light Crew, Outdoor Light Micro CrewSaturnsphere Crew and many others.

Quality socks are often bypassed by many adults, so don’t let your children make the same sock mistakes and introduce them to what’s best early on. To be the best, you have to wear the best.

You’d never want your Merino wool socks to let you down and I’m sure your children won’t want you to let them down — get them some Merino wool socks, today.

SocksAddict.com carries plenty of youth-sized socks.

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