Introducing The CEP RXOrtho Line!

By now, many are probably well familiar with CEP’s superb athletic compression socks. More and more now you’re starting to see people with those tight knee-high socks showing up at road races and triathlons. CEP has emerged from the athletic compression socks field as one of the best options to go with. Now the compression you love from CEP’s parent company, Mediven, can be found in the form of an ankle or knee brace.

Recently, CEP rolled out the RXOrtho line featuring: Achilles brace, knee brace, ankle brace, ankle support and knee support.

So why should you go with a CEP compression brace when looking to treat an injury? Your muscle cells need energy in the form of oxygen — and the energy needed comes in through your blood. With optimized blood flow in the arteries, your muscles will be better supplied with the energy they need. CEP’s compression can positively influence this happening.

CEP RXOrtho products are proven to improve recovery for a variety of injuries. The Ankle Brace and Support are proven to help ankle sprains and instability; The Knee Brace and Support are proven to help Runner’s Knee; The Achilles Brace is proven to help Achilles pain and issues. All the braces and supports can also be worn during and after activity for added support and relief.

With CEP RXOrtho braces and supports you’ll find the ADDITUS+ System — which combines compression and functionality.

The ADDITUS+ System helps provide maximum impact and comfort for any kind of sport or exercise. Combined with the RECOVERING+ system (developed for optimum regeneration before and after exercise, ensuring absolute comfort and fastest possible recovery between matches and training session), you’re getting top-notch compression to lead to a healthier you.

CEP’s parent company, Mediven, produces compression synonymous with innovation, technology and expertise in medicine and support. Mediven has been making strides in compression wear since 1951.

All the products are easy to put on, lightweight and anatomically contoured. The Knee Support can be worn under clothing and the Ankle Support can be worn with your shoes, making them great options for when you’re out and about.

There’s no reason to let minor knee and ankle tweaks and pains to slow you down from the sports and exercises you love. Next time you’re looking to recover better and faster, consider CEP’s RXOrtho products.

Our parent company, Aleva Stores, has added these new CEP products to

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