Every Runner Is Different – Much Like Socks

Runners, to me, are a lot like snowflakes — none are the same. To the way they run, their favorite brands, accessories they wear during a run and to their opinions on the sport, it will be hard to find identical runners. The process of someone getting into running, however, should be similar.

The first thing any runner always wants to learn about — and willing to spend some extra cash on — are shoes. This makes sense; You don’t want to hit up the nearby large retail chain store and buy some $30 shoes you know nothing about. They’ll break down very fast and you’re basically spending $30 to injure yourself. Find a running store, show them your running form and let them help you buy a shoe. It won’t be as cheap as $30 but it’ll last longer and keep you healthier.

What should be the next step in completing your running attire is often skipped. Sometimes runners are too quick to start investing in the more gimmicky items you don’t necessarily need — hydration belts, iPod carriers, reflective bands, etc.

Starting off with shoes makes sense because you’re addressing your feet. To complete the process you must look into socks. Sure, you can hit up that retail chain store that sells those $30 shoes and buy a pack of six socks for cheap. Those socks won’t last long, will scrunch all over the place, absorb moisture and may even be made of cotton (gasp!).

There are many more things to a sock than you may think — moisture wicking, breathability, comfort, blister prevention, friction-free, dual layer, cuts and the list goes on. Much like shoes, different people will like different socks.

Maybe you need extra padding on the bottom to help with your hard foot strikes during a run with a very lightweight top of the sock for breathability and better fit in your shoe. Don’t worry, there’s a sock for that. Maybe you need a dual layer sock to help reduce friction, thus reducing chance of blistering, but you want it to be thin and lightweight. Don’t worry, there’s a sock for that. Maybe you want a no show with tab sock but far too often the tabs on the sock bother your heel too much. Don’t worry, there’s a sock for that.

Much like running shoes, you’ll need to do your research. With a plethora of brands and styles out there, it may take some trial-and-error runs to find the right sock for you. When you’re at that running store picking up your shoes, don’t be afraid to also ask about socks.

If you’re willing to spend extra money on quality running shoes, you should be willing to spend extra on quality socks — your feet will thank you for it.

At RunningSocks.com and SocksAddict.com you can find over 15 brands of socks suitable for every runner. Perhaps there are certain qualities you are looking for in sock – Feel free to email me at kevin@alevastores.com and I’ll be glad to help pick you out a sock!

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