Pass Me My Mesh Socks, We’ve Got A Heatwave

Holy heatwave, the temperatures sure have been climbing up the thermometer these last few days in the midwest. When the temperature changes like this, so do my socks.

The heat affects people of all sorts’ wardrobes — runners, cyclists, hikers and the everyday working man/woman. Cuts get shorter and the weight gets thinner when summer crawls in (or in this case, surges).

Personally, I wear low cut socks year round when I’m running. The variable for me when it comes to running socks is how they are cushioned. Winter time is a great time to bust out something like the SmartWool PhD Running Light Micro Sock. It’s made with the low cut I like, but also has nice cushion and made of wool to keep my feet and toes warm when it’s cold. However, with the temperatures reaching the mid to high 90s, I’m less inclined to rock out a run with something that’s going to make my shoe a sauna for my foot.

During the holiday weekend I made great use of my Feetures Light No Show Socks. These socks are about as breathable and lightweight you can get. By combining mesh vents, fast-drying fabrics and snug-fitting fibers, your feet will stay cool, dry and blister-free — the Triple Crown for summer running or cycling. This Feetures sock feels phenomenal on my foot and is the closest I can get to feeling like I’m running with no socks on at all.

When it comes time to hit the trails in the dog days of summer, some of you may need to stick with a higher cut sock with your hiking boots. Much like running, the shoe is already gonna warm up your foot, so you don’t want to add any other insulator to your apparel — but of course you can’t go sockless either.

When you’re ready to trek into the wild, give Icebreaker Hike + Lite Crew a try. This sock is made with breathable mesh zones for extra ventilation and an anatomical toe box to reduce chafing. As you explore mother nature, you can enjoy the sights and sounds instead of thinking about how sweaty and hot your feet are.

Heading to work every day with sweaty and hot feet can be a real drag. Why wear uncomfortable socks to the office when there are plenty of summer dress sock options out there as well.

For example, the Dahlgren Dress Casual Crew Socks are a fabulous option when it heats up. A lightweight sock made of an alpaca and Merino wool blend, it provides soft, absorbent, blister resistant luxury. The sock features light cushion under your foot to soothe on long, tiring days and a light, flat 5 x 1 rib knit top that doesn’t add unwanted bulk.

With the right pair of socks, the hot temperatures can feel less of a burden since your feet will be feeling comfortable all day at the office or for the entirety of your run, bike ride or hike. Remember, during the summer, mesh is your best friend.

To browse more summertime socks, visit

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