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Get The Benefits of Compression Without Ditching Your Favorite Socks

Endurance athletes everywhere are welcoming athletic compression with open arms. Everyone from the likes of world class athletes like Meb Keflezighi to the weekend warrior are sporting compression wear during their runs and after for recovery. Those who haven’t hopped … Continue reading

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Improving Performance and Recovery with Compression

At road races across the country, more and more people are sporting those tight knee high socks which seem to be the best conversation starter for runners these days. As more people embrace compression socks, more are starting to extend … Continue reading

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Introducing The CEP RXOrtho Line!

By now, many are probably well familiar with CEP’s superb athletic compression socks. More and more now you’re starting to see people with those tight knee-high socks showing up at road races and triathlons. CEP has emerged from the athletic … Continue reading

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So You’re Running a Marathon…Here Are Your Marathon Sock Tips

A marathon is 26.2 grueling miles affecting your body — especially your feet. Not only is the race itself long, but the training as well. Even the most casual of marathoners will endure a tedious running schedule to prepare themselves … Continue reading

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The Socks Addicts Are Set For The Dexter-Ann Arbor Run

The Socks Addicts have found a new addiction: Expos! The next stop for the addicts is Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run. Taking place on Sunday will be a half marathon, 10K, and 5K. The day before, runners … Continue reading

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Putting On Compression Socks

While at the Martian Marathon Expo, a lot of people would look at the compression socks we had lying out and ask, “are these really going to fit me?” People were unsure if the socks would actually fit them when … Continue reading

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