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Time To Spring Into Some New Socks

Feel that? That’s the wonderful temperatures of 60-plus degrees strolling in. The delicious Summer Shandy is available again, Spring Training is under way,  people are grilling out on patios, and people are prepping for some spring cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply … Continue reading

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Running In A Winter Wonderland – With The Best Winter Running Socks

It seems silly to write about running in the winter when it’s almost 60, yes 60, degrees in Michigan today. Michiganders know weather is a tricky son of a gun and you really never know what to expect. It could … Continue reading

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Fall is Upon Us – Time To Update The Sock Drawer

Now, bear with me folks; I have some terrible news to report to you: Summer is starting to disappear. With Labor Day now past us, the days of summer are winding down. Kids are returning to the bus stops, the … Continue reading

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Hey, Kids Love Merino Wool Too

Those well-versed in the sock realms probably already know when it comes to socks, it’s hard to beat one made out of Merino wool. Longer, softer and finer fabrics are present in Merino wool — Something other wools lack. It’s more comfortable … Continue reading

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Socks For Father’s Day? We Say Yes

When you start to really get to know the premiere kind of socks out there, you start to realize that socks really do make great gifts. Since Father’s Day is this weekend, let’s take a look at some good socks … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Toe Socks

All throughout my collegiate running career I strayed away from toe socks. Something about them just drew me away and regrettably I never gave them a try. This is an issue I’ve found to be common among the running community. While … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Merino Wool

By now it’s been pretty well established that wool is the go-to material in high-end performance gear. This is especially true for hiking. Wool socks will cushion your feet, keep them warm in the winter yet cool in the summer, … Continue reading

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